Luis Valencia

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Pushing Myself


Hi everyone!

This was a hard project for me case usually I don't do lettering or calligraphy that often and more on things bigger than letter size but I did enjoy this course but I'm so happy with the final result!



Sketches and exercises

As the tittle of my project mention "Pushing Myself" I wanted to do more that one envelope to see how far I could do different styles. So I post in my social media a question of how would like me to send it a mysterious goodie and a few friends answered right away. I like playful lettering but also I been involved with art deco so I wanted to show that in my envelopes.




Big Sketches and Final Touches 

After a lot of research and practices with different brushes and tools, I jump to a more close format to start making my small thumbs into more realistic sizes and find out if they would workout, some of them did, others not really. I needed to make some changes and figure it out how to work on that envelope size. At the end I figure it out and work perfectly.




Final letters and envelopes

Every second, every minute, every hour and every day was worthy. I'm super happy with the final results of each individual envelope.  I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did with every single of them and don't forget guys, always push yourselves to do different things and to do things.




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