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Push or Pull?

Edward, thanks for such a great class.

For my project I decided to fix troubles with door opening direction in our office. We're huge software development firm, and there are something close to 200 doors here (of different nature : internal translucent glass, internal mate glass, heavy metal external). Heavy metal external doors work in accordance with logic that in case of fire, they should be opened inside out, so that crowd of people can easily leave burning building. Internal doors separate and divide our office space. They unpredictable (can work one way, or both ways).

My idea was to deliver laser sharp, crystal clear message with the proper direction, without using push or pull wording at all. There are 4 variations of real door behavior. I hope you got an idea.

I hope with this signage our new employees and customers will have less trouble figuring out the proper action in order to use the door.





I like the 3rd one because it gives an explicit hint of what should be happening with the door. Arrow could direct push and pull better with vertical directions though.


As simple as possible and all varioations:



Final peace



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