Pursue of balance

Pursue of balance - student project

Failed with one project in your other class, but hope to succeed at least in this one! 

My "reality" is quite dull, as I am an employee in a big company.

  • my working day is limited according to my company schedule, so working schedule - check
  • business hours are also limited by company schedule; sometimes I have late calls from customers, but I have to answer anyway
  • I have dresscode so I don't have even an option not to have uniform - check
  • and of course I have a working space and I have a strict rule not to bring any work at home
  • weekends are usual - Saturday and Sunday, I never work on weekends
  • vacations I also have, just usual several weeks a year, but they are usually great 
  • I am yoga addicted, so sport is in my life

I guess to reach balance I need to find some inspirational hobby. By the way always wanted to try ceramics - maybe this is an idea.

Also I think I can make the time I spend with my family a bit more interesting. We could arrange a small trip or a picnic during weekend. It will be fun for everybody. Or maybe we will set a tradition to watch movies once a week all together - Wednesday is a good day, I think!

Thank you for motivation to think! It's good to analyze routines from time to time.