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Anaïsa Visser




Purrfectly Calm, After the Storm...

I started with some ideas already, after watching the first lesson. But doing a little brainstorm helped a lot. Here is how I started:

I like animals and really wanted to incorporate a cat into my design, because cats are kind of bipolar in the sense that they can both be lovely and quiet or they can just as easily be running through the house yelling at invisible things (cat people will understand me).

My awesome cat, Simon, is a constant source of amusement and inspiration. So I wanted to include him somehow. I picked the word quiet, so my image was originally going to be a sleeping cat on a couch, surrounded by elements that say quiet. Cup of tea, some books...

Then it occurred to me that quiet is only quiet in opposition to loud. So as I was doodling I started creating the remnants of the cat's loud moments. My thinking is that if he is surrounded by the repercussions of having been loud, then his quiet will be all the more apparent and striking.

So here is what happened next in my doodling:

I know he said not to use pencil but it's what I had at the time I was doing this. I don't think I erased anything, I just kept adding stuff.

Now that I have it imported, I'm excited to see where the course takes this.


Some progress, finally had time to work on this! I didn't want to make it pink at first but as I started building things I picked a random pink for the chair and ended up sticking with it for my Crazy Cat Lady abode.


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