Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement - student project

To create useful, educational, and entertaining content about animation and its surrounding industries.



1. List 3-5 past successes 

  • Launched the website AnimationComplex.com
  • Presented at a Maker event
  • Published an article on a major animation site


2. List 3-5 fulfilling contributions

  • Vulnerable about personal experiences
  • Can draw on past work to help students get started/pay it forward
  • Honest


3. List 1-2 goals for 1, 5, and 10 years from now

  • 1 year: Consistent editorial calendar and online shop
  • 5 years: Creating professional long form content (i.e. books, films) and teaching
  • 10 years: Full time and attending festivals
Jen Hurler
Animation Nerd