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Purpose Decides Solution


If the purpose is mainly for money, I would ask the two festivals to "bid" for your band.  They could offer more money, a better time slot, free meals, etc. and whoever offers more wins the band's presence at their festival.


If the purpose is mainly to expand the band's fan base, I would hold a competition online: East Coast fans vs. West Coast fans.  Whoever has the most shares, likes, votes, etc., wins the band playing on their coast.  Everybody loves a little friendly competition and this motivates people to do the marketing work for you.  This approach would also do wonders for the band's hype factor online and gain much more virtual exposure.

OR The band could split up - half the band East Coast and half the band West Coast with professional subs for the respective missing members.  This may cost you more money but could expand the fan base in the long run.  Who can really see what the drummer looks like live anyway ;)


If all of the solutions thus far have the bandmates stressed out, you can ask them to decide where they would rather perform and stick to that one location.  This could save the band a TON of stress and anxiety of feeling the need to please everybody and contribute to the comraderie of the members.  My job as a manager is a long term investment in the satisfaction of the band members, not to stress them out and risk the band splitting up.  Besides, the science behind happiness says people are happier if they make a decision and stick to it - never looking back.  This could be the best decision for the longevity and contentment of the band.


Streaming would not making it about the music nor is it a lucrative business decision for the band - that would be striving to do too much.  If I was a fan that had paid for these festival tickets with my hard-earned money to see a band live and I get a live stream instead, I would not only be upset but I might even post on social media how lame that band is and grumble about the disloytalty to their fans.  In my opinion, streaming any show would be jipping the fans out of their live performance.  I can just imagine the disappointment pouring in from fans after the so-called "show."


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