Mireya .




Purple Popsicle

I'm not sure about the name but I just went with whatever popped in my head.  I wanted my monster to be the kind of monster that everyone might be afraid of because she's a monster but in reality she is friendly, trusting and confident in who she is and eventually everyone comes around. How can one resist a cutie fury lovable girl? Hey Maybe this could be a book ? I am currently working on the picture book idea from the last class. Do you remember Bellisia. I update it every now and then.



Then I thought this was a great idea.


Lettering came out terrible-well the word friend is my main concern


Here we go. See the heart?

Just for fun I am including the little mock-up I made of my character Bellisia

I drew her based on what I wanted  and then used magazine clippings to create it.

Belissia is much like you and me. She love to play baseball, play princess teacher and build her blocks. She like her best friend is curious about the world around her. They love nature. They set out one day to visit the  most beautiful of all places. Along the way they meet a bear who paints, a mysterious rabbit an a wonderful friend who teaches them that we all have a purpose and we must hold on to what we love to realize our purpose and be one big family


This is the old design. I couldn't find the magazine one.



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