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Purple Flowers Two Ways

Thank you Amarilys for this great class! 

For my project I decided to paint some flowers in different styles using 3-4 colors which I could then send as Thank You cards for birthday gifts I received. 

The first painting is wet on wet. This is definitely a technique that needs to be practiced as you have to work so fast. It is good to have a plan of some kind first. I mixed three colors - a golden yellow, olive green and magenta. I liked how they mixed together to create several new colors and soften all three. Following Amarilys' lead I also added some messy details in a darker shade of the magenta once the flowers mostly dried.


Afterward I used the same colors to create a different style painting of the same type of (imaginary) flowers. I mixed a fourth color with a bit of a blue violet to add a bit of darkness for details. I mixed watercolor with white gouache to create an opaque consistency. It's funny how adding the white and the lack of fluid blending and mixing leads to completely different color feeling even though the colors are exactly the same (plus white).

It was fun spontaneously filling in details on this one but if I did it again I would probably rearrange the elements for better balance.


Fun class and good practice! Thank you Amarilys!


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