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Purple & Chrome - student project

When brands say they are a lifestyle brand what really is a lifestyle brand? What really is a lifestyle? Your life style is made up of the things you’re into, people, ideas, you surround yourself with. What determines all of those things? The way you think. The way you feel. Your attitude towards self as a result the world around you. This is why Purple & Chrome is a “MINDSTYLE” brand. It is a frame of mind; it’s more a philosophy about life. P&C is about being open to the world, raising awareness, and pushing the conscious.

Purple & Chrome is a clothing company that aims to spread peace, positivity, fun, and love in the world. You know the saying “wear your heart on your sleeve”? Well… we are wearing ours on our back. Purple & Chrome is our form of expression. Many people write poetry, some paint pictures, and others sing songs. We… make clothing.

Hi all!  My name is RaShaun and I am the owner/creator of Purple & Chrome (http://www.purpleandchrome.com).  I'm really excited to be taking this course because I would love to better my designs and learn how to convey my message while still being visually appealing.  I feel as though people today, especially young people, aren't into tees/fashion if its not about money, cars, clothes, and girls.  So I have a hard time finding the balance between creating designs that promote the Purple & Chrome message of peace, positivity, and love in a way thats "cool" and/or visually appealing to the young people today.  So hopefully this course will teach me how to convey my message in a more effective and cool looking way.  Very excited as Im sure you are too!  Lets go!


Lesson 1:  What does your brand look like?


2011 Initial release for Purple & Chrome's launch

Purple & Chrome - image 1 - student project

These both came in white (pictured here) and black.  I just wanted to make something that I thought was simple and effective so I went with the classic LOVE with the then company logo in the "E".  Along with that I went with a simple Crest design.  In hindsight, I don't see the message of Purple & Chrome coming through in the designs and the designs frankly were just not great enough.  (I'm NOT an illustrator or graphic designer by trade.  I'm just using the limited abilities I do have.)

2012 Purple & Chrome's release

Purple & Chrome - image 2 - student project

Close up of the Alpha Omega print

Purple & Chrome - image 3 - student projectThis time I put more thought into the tees.  I definitely saw me getting better with the designs as time went on and I did more designs.  Though still limited, I see a big improvement from the first release of tees to this second release and I see my best effort getting better.

  • For appeal I did a Purple & Chrome take on the classic RUN DMC design.
  • The LOVE design on a black tee from the previous run sold the best so I printed it again with a better purple.
  • The purple tee (History is His-story. The future is yours. Write your own!) and the white tee (Alpha Omega) were my personal favorites because of the message.  note:  these happened to sell the least.

So...with that said, I know that I need to express the message of Purple & Chrome much more effectively with better design because it's not working so far.

Any thoughts or comments?  Feel free to keep it 100%... we can't improve without honest feedback.



Lesson 2: 2-3 sketches

(these aren't sketches/illustrations rather graphic designs. I don't know how to incorporate illustrations but more importantly I don't think illustrations goes with the look/feel of Purple & Chrome.  But please weigh in and let me know your opinions/thoughts on that.)

Collaboration tee Purple & Chrome X (Purple & Chrome sponsored artists) The Shady Bunch

Purple & Chrome - image 4 - student project


Be Brave Be a Warrior. Lead Never Follow

Purple & Chrome - image 5 - student project


Keep Calm and Let Your S*&% Bubble Quietly and then You Blow and Stay Humble, It's a Virtue.

Purple & Chrome - image 6 - student project


Speak From the Heart

Purple & Chrome - image 7 - student project


Peace + Love = Purple & Chrome

Purple & Chrome - image 8 - student project


Purple & Chrome Emblem baseball tee

Purple & Chrome - image 9 - student project


Purple & Chome double banners tee

Purple & Chrome - image 10 - student project


Purple & Chrome reverse text logo tee

Purple & Chrome - image 11 - student project

These designs above are some ideas that I have.  I think you can see an underlying theme of positivity in all the designs that is the whole essence of Purple & Chrome.  I also think that the designs keep the look and feel of Purple & Chrome.  Like I said above, I don't know how I would incorporate illustrations into the designs and I don't think that illustrations would neccessarily fit the look and feel of the brand.  But please weigh in and give me your honest opinion good and/or bad.  I really appreciate the feedback.  Can't wait to check out your stuff as well.  Peace.




Lesson 3: Make Progress On Your Design For Feeback

RaShaun Burgess

Owner/Creator of Purple & Chrome