Siti Rawini Sulaiman

Engineer, Illustrator, Printmaker



Pupu Suminagashi

I saw this on the first page of the skillshare. So I had a go to check out this class. And I think this class is great to try out. For the dispersant, I did not use dish wash fluid instead I used my daughter's bath shampoo. XD

In the process of doing this, the ink isn't floating. As the tip of the brush touch the water, the ink drops down and the ink was too much too.  I tried dipping the sumi ink brush into the dispersant and it worked! :D 

Here are the outcomes ( I cant choose three because all are my fav hehe) : 

1. This was my third attempt. 


 2. I decided to paint background with colorful blending circles I did for my warming up session. 



3. Anddd finally, I experimenting use isopropyl alcohol for dispersant. I love  the results!



Overall, I think this can be therapeutic but can also makes you stress out hahaha. What I can see is that the line is blurry too. I guess I pick it up so fast because i am that impatient to look at the results. 

I hope to see more of your class and thanks for sharing this too! :D


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