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Yay! Here is my collection of flash fiction. It means a lot to me, and is dedicated to my puppy, Charles, whom I love so much.

Assignment 1: Stranger Comes to Town

I got a puppy. I loved the way it hopped up and down. I loved the way it would chase you around the house. I loved the way it wagged its tail and ran chasing it in circles with its tongue rolled out. And I loved the way it ate.

Every day I looked forward to feeding time. The puppy ate and I stared. I fed it three times a day. Maybe four times if the puppy looked hungry. I took it out for a jog, in hope of burning more calories, the puppy’s calories. It needed to eat more.

I walked out the supermarket, with a trolley full of dog food. The cashier looked at me with a smile and asked, how are the dogs going? I looked at him strangely. What do you mean dogs?

My puppy was ill, I took him to the vet. Overfed the vet said. What do you mean overfed? I feed him everyday.

I dug the grave. Puppy lies here. I shed a tear and hobbled back indoors. Pictures of puppy everywhere. They all showed my favorite moments with him. I had videos of him as well, for keepsake. And then I thought, maybe it was better this way, that puppy was dead. I mean, I fed him nine times a day. At least now, with headphones in my ears and my iPod in hand, I can have feeding time anytime and anywhere. I can rest in piece now.

Assignment 2: Lets go on an Adventure

Woof woof, a brand new house. Away from the cages and the other big scary dogs. A human pats me and smiles. I chase him around, hop up and down, wag my tail, and chase it to town. Come, come he tells me, lets go, lets go. He tells me to sit. He places a bowl in front of me. Out comes some meat and into the bowl. He tells me to eat. I eat.

I eat and I eat. Can’t go for jogs anymore, stomach to full. More time to eat, so he makes me eat. So I eat. And I eat. And if I can’t eat. He makes me eat. With his hand. Down my throat.

I’m at the vet. He looks at me concerned. Human points at machine. Vet nods. Food gets sucked out my body. More space to eat.

Assignment 3: Stranger Comes to Town (Tweet)

New puppy. I love to feed it. Shove food down its throat. Puppy eats till it dies. Eternalized on video capturing technology, I watch it eat till I die.

Closing Statement:

Haha, thanks for reading. Sorry if I made you feel sick. Don't worry, I feel sick too. Well I hope I do. (Also the comment I made at the beggining is a joke. Sorry if I am twisted.)


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