Puppy trapped.

Puppy trapped. - student project

Main idea of the story: The puppy is afraid and cornered  and doesn't want to get sent to the pound.  

How it all started?

I started off with the idea of having  a sort of over the shoulder camera shot and using camera angle facing downwards on an object to show weakness.

My initial idea was to have a bunny trapped in a corner, but I decided to use a puppy  which would read better for the shot since we don't oftened see bunnies going in to pounds.

I  quickly established my perspective of the ground and walls as soon as I knew my subjects in the shot. I made sure that I had line of action to make the body language readable of the man. I tried to frame important elements using the rule of thirds which is the puppy, the rope and the man. 

Next, I went on by applying values to add constrast and show that the man was bad and the dog was good.

The scene was rather empty and didn't suggest any chaos/ struggle, so I added some scraps of paper trail on the floor and had edges of the paper pointing towards the puppy..

In terms of composition, I hope that  the elements and values will lead audiene straight to the puppy and fulfill the idea of my story. 

Thank for reading and I hope to be able to get some feedback.  Cheers. :)