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Punk Love!

Hello Ario great class! Image Below

I enjoyed seeing how you shot all the camera angles as live action.That is a very amazing Statue in the background, just wondering where the statue is?Any ways here goes.

I did my page using the action script. A punk's girl friend is being tortured by a creepy guy he busts in and takes him out. I tried to warp the perspectives in areas and intensify the expressions it would be great to get feed back on what to improve and what works I also have a lot of rough passes not sure if I should include them? I kind of went off track and composed each shot seperatly kind of like a film and not as one whole composition. A lot of cutting and pasting in Manga Studio which I am new at.  Oh well it was a bit of an experiment, live and learn :) Thankyou for the great class

Andrew S


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