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Chus Margallo

Designer based in Barcelona



Punk Dog | T-shirts & Prints

Punk Dog Update (2nd Round)

After long time I've dediced to upload the new vector sketch of the dog. I still have to work on the small details and I'm not happy with the typography yet but I'm getting closer.

Punk Dog Update (1st Round)

After I read Jon's feed back I started to create new detailed sketches. This is the first one. I focus in "badassness" here.

Punk Dog Final Result

Finaly I can introduce the new design of Punk Dog. I've upload few different color schemes and a mock up (to show how it will be the final result of the logo on a real paper label). The election of the typography and the dog icon was based on my favorites sketch elements mix in one artwork. Hopefully I'll show you soon this label screenprinted for the Punk Dog brand.

Sketch concepts

The artwork is going to be stamped on paper labels attached to the t-shirts but the aim is to design a powerfull image that can be screen printed on t-shirts, make sticker out of it or stencils. It's important then to choose really easy readable typographys and be aware to use as less resources as possible.

These are some of the sketches I liked more. I've worked with different typography styles, compositions and label shapes. I believe that the design for this brand should be something raw but also classic to create something fun and sort of iconoclastic at the same time.

Concept Mood Board

Punk Dog Introduction

A couple of years ago I created a logo of a funny punk dog and I screen printed some t-shirts, hoodies and posters with the icon. I also created stickers that I started to share with other street art enthusiasts. Since then I wanted to go one step further with the brand and create a T-shirts and Posters artistic brand focus on the urban punk spirit from the 70's and 80's. 

It's easy to find some of the punk dog stickers in Amsterdam. The stickers are oftenly in squad houses, walls covered with street art and other "underground" spots. The clothes  line needs to breath the same air. It's mandatory that everything is produced in a local and echo friendly way. The budget is low, the own spirit of the icon says "DIY" and the brand keeps idea.

To create the concept board I've added images of punk iconic t-shirts and album covers (as a way to remember the origins of this movement), few pictures of Amsterdam and iconic rock bars of the city (to keep in mind where the brand belongs), inspirational designs from illustrator and designers that really inspired me (and their style and resources matches very good with Punk Dog) and some quotes and pictures that explain more about the tone of the brands. 

The ingredients to cook Punk Dog were a weird mix of non-conformity, rebellion, animal rights, street life and humour, selfcritcism and irony too (don't forget the kind of dog that represents the brand).



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