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Marta Okulicz

Graphic design & lettering nerd



Punk Bear pin

1. Favourite reference pins:

I especially like the one with an arm (i don't think it's a pin, but it could be :) ), becasue of the powerful appearance and the stroke.


2. Favourite Apple Metal pin:

Of course - Adventure Time! (look at that butt).


3. Sketches:

After gathering some inspiration, there was a time for sketching - but what? That's a good question. I had many ideas in my head, but at the end of the day I decided to make a pug (I love pugs), which at the end turned out to be a punk bear... 



4. Digital version

At the beggining I made a cute pug but it looked a little like a bear in Illustrator so I decided to go with a bear (I like bears as well). Then I added the bandana, which made me think about cowboys. Then I wanted to add a cowboy hat, but I failed making it... i just couldn't make it look nice, so I decided to add a mohawk instead :D And ta daa! We have a punk bear :)




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