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Punishment comes.....


Thank you for a wonderfully informative course! I have been wanting to create my own textures and learn how to nondestructively distress images and artwork in Photoshop for some time. Your videos provided clear and concise steps for me to follow and practice. I really enjoyed working on this project, and have learned so much. Thank you again.

I began this project by going out and purchasing a tube of black acrylic paint and going to town with a selection of rollers. The results can be seen below:


Then, as suggested, I scanned the back of several drawing pads, took iPhone photos of several textured surfaces, and even attempted to distress black prints from my laser printer. I was unable to get the black to chip off as successfully as the instructor. Perhaps my printer is too new..... Anyway, I proceeded to process around twenty-five textures. The eight halftones and textures that I ended up using in my project are shown below:









For inspiration I looked on the internet to view covers for previous editions of the book, as well stills and promotional photos for the two versions of the movie. (For anyone who hasn't read the book, I highly recommend it!) The tagline on my poster is taken directly from promotional posters for the Coen Brothers version of the movie, and the illustration was based on a movie still of Mattie from the same film. Below you will see the movie still, my rough trace/sketch, and inked photoshop figure.




In addition to the illustration, I used the following text treatment and sunburst, both laid out in Illustrator.




I wish that I had taken more intermediate screen shots because I went through many iterations of the layout. I started with only the illustration and text, but there was too much empty space, so then I added the sunburst to fill it out. I also tried many different color combinations in an attempt to make the color overlay effect from the class work for my poster, but because of the layout, it never did. This led me to add knockout masks underneath all of the text, which greatly improved legibility and visual impact. There are at least three textures in each of the three main elements (text, Mattie, sunburst) and I utilized the ripple technique (what an awesome tip!) on the text and the burst. Then I laid the folded paper texture and the scratched paper texture over the top of everything and added a faded yellow (like Andrew showed) 'old paper' color as a final touch. So here is the final result:


Thanks again for everything. All comments/suggestions/criticisms appreciated. I look forward to your next course.



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