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As an English teacher and Pinterest-er (is that a real word yet?), I am constantly running into fun ideas that I would love to put onto a poster. My idea for this project is "Punctuation Saves Lifes" (talking about comma usage) in hopes that I can display it in my classroom.

I've never done any lettering before so we will see how it goes...

Here is my idea:

Next, I did some research and gathered some inspiration.

Turns out when you search punctuation, you get all those fun teachery things I was talking about earlier. It's okay, I found some things that really caught my eye and created a pinterest board of ideas I'm saving for later use. Gosh, I hope I am not horrible at this :)

I was too anxious to get a ruler, decent eraser, compass.... so I freehanded these ideas. Not horrible... not bad. I like the one on the top right as well as the circusy serif. The script version reminds me of a varsity jacket. I'm going to try this again with a ruler and a compass.


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