Punchy - The Timeclock WebApp

The Landing Page:

<top center align>

<image: ClockDisplay> //a round clock face showing hours and minutes

//below it, longform date and time displayed as

Monday, January 1st, 2012 HH:MM:SS

//below that, two buttons, side by side:

<button: "Punch!">

OnClick { //Opens Timeclock Page }

<button: "Settings">

OnClick { //Opens Settings Page }

//below that, a 140 - character sized box for daily notes or whatever.

<array: "Notes" //or whatever>

The Timeclock Page:

//two catagory buttons stacked vertically

<button: "Regulars">

OnClick { //Toasts searchable (first;last;cafe) <list:Regulars> as selectable buttons}

<button: "Floaters">

OnClick { //Toasts searchable (first;last;cafe) <list:Floaters> as selectable buttons}


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