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Alexandria Adams

lettering & design



Pumpkin Letters

Hey, class! My name is Alex.

I knew I wanted to do something unique with one of our pumpkins this year - so why not letter the pumpkin?

I searched various quotes I thought would work we given the space. The backside of pumpkin is fairly flat and my plan is to showcase it against the front steps. The quote I decided on is "Something Wicked This Way Comes". Our patio is decorated with lights, spider webs, spiders, hanging bats, and an illuminated forest scene on the door. We have fairly young children on our street, so I want to make it legible and lighthearted.


During the sketching phase, I chose to focus on how I might arrange my layout given the shape.

Luckily, a pumpkin's surface is forgiving for ink. I took a crayola marker and played with arrangement, spacing, and scale. As I revised, I wiped the marker away with a baby wipe and a towel. Once I settled on a design, I began lettering with a black Sharpie. I used a white sharpie paint pen for shadows and details. The pumpkin's ridges can make lettering a challenge.


I continued to add details... Next, I wanted to incorporate the spider web theme.


Once I added some additional gold detailing and felt happy with the outcome, it was time to check out my work on the patio. To see a short clip of the entire pumpkin, click here: view


Overall, I had a lot of fun. I will try my hand at more lettering off the page in the future.

Thanks for checking out my project!



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