Puma and Otter | Skillshare Projects

Ebbe Overbye

Graphic designer



Puma and Otter

I thought I would have another go trying this method. I have chosen an otter. I think one of the mistakes I did on my first try was to emphasize the colors instead of the shape. So shadow and highlight are more important than the colors of the fur.

It may look more like a sports logo this time, although he is almost too friendly to look at.



I found it difficult to choose the right simple lines. Shadow, highlight and contour. I ended up with too many lines and some of them were wrong.

Line consistency was hard to achieve.

The first result was awful. Then I let it rest for a day and looked at I again. After an endless editing process I finally I had something I liked. Not a sports logo, but more of an illustration.


I should have chosen a reference image that showed some teeth. Instead I have this slightly grumpy cat.


Fraser Davidson made it look easy, but it is far from easy to do well.








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