Pull yourself together

Pull yourself together - student project

I loved the 'ideas' part of this class - word lists and free association are such helpful tools I had never used before, and I think they will come in very useful in my work! 

For the idiom: 'pull yourself together', I had several ideas: a Matisse - inspired jumble of body parts, a tug of war, a head being dragged along like those mittens on an elastic that children have. In the end I chose my 'continental drift' idea - for its environmental connotations, but also because I liked the contrast between the permanence/solidity of landmasses and what the idiom suggests. Sometimes you CAN'T pull yourself together, and drifting is part of the passage of time. 

Pull yourself together - image 1 - student project

I am not so strong on execution, but I am relatively happy with the (slightly rushed) result. 

 Pull yourself together - image 2 - student project