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Pull up a chair

"Pull up a chair. Coffee's brewing!"

In my family, coffee is a ritual. It's a vehicle for sitting and chatting. A comfort. Something shared. I look forward to coffee time every day. And when company comes over, it's even more fun to share.

When I envision this topic, I go instantly to my childhood, sitting in my aunt's kitchen, or my grandparents' kitchen, always with a steaming mug of coffee in front of the adults. I picture simple wooden tables and chairs, faded, old fashioned curtains, embroidered tea towels and of course a metal cookie tin.

I hope to capture some of this in a poster/sign, perfect for display in, where else, the kitchen. An old timey, farmhouse vibe. I am particularly inspired by the Maxwell house tin and the blue and white china images in my mood board below.

My word list, if you can read the sloppy handwriting:


Did some experimentation with a lettering warmup.


Making some progress on my thumbnails, but now I am having a hard time picking a direction!

I like pieces from each of these: I love how the top left thumbnail really puts COFFEE front and center as the hero and the interesting shape of the ribbon behind it. I like the playful feel of the steaming cup below, and again, how coffee is given its own central treatment. For some reason though, I am leaning towards either the table or the mug idea along the bottom. I feel like they embrace the simplicity of my idea and combine old timey farmhouse vibe with the nice detail work in blue and white china. The table makes such an interesting shape, but I wonder if that takes away from the lettering? I love the simple mug with wording inside, but wonder if maybe it is too simple? Would love some feedback!


More thumbnails and a couple more refined sketches.

I like the direction of the last image. I've incorporated some coffee bean plant leaves and berries. It's not super clear, but I was also trying to use a pattern of the same leaves on the one side of the ribbon. I think another refining sketch or two, tightening up the text, working on the shape of the ribbon and possibly adding some extra shading, and I should be ready to ink. My biggest question to myself at this point is, is it detailed enough, or should anything more be added?


After some rearranging and redrawing, I think we are ready for inking! This composition feels right to me.


Final drawing...for now! I look forward to adding some color and texture in the next class!


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