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Jacquilin Isom

Pull to Fit



Pull to Fit -Make clothes fit better in less than a minute doing alterations without sewing

As a seamstress for over 30 years, a daycare provider for 6 years and a grandmother of 4 girls, I have seen so many bodyframes from toddlers to adults and they varied in weight, length and sizes. 1 out of every 3 people have issues with how clothes fit in the waist so standardized clothing sizes don't fit everyone. I have did hundreds of alterations on waistbands becuase of extra slack in the waistband. People are tall, small, slim, premature, have wide hips and small weight, losing weight and more creating issues such as: clothes sagging, bulge in the waistband (which shows all your business), in between sizes, rolled waistband, using safety pins to tighten, buying clothes larger for the length now to big in the waist, no belt loops to wear a belt such as dress clothes and more. Some children clothes have adjustable waistbands sewn in them but now you can have adjustable waistband in any clothes from toddlers to teens to adults.

I invented Pull to Fit, a miniature fabric belt with adhesive backing that is ironed discreetly on the inside of the waistband which can adjust up to 3 inches of slack in clothes in less than a minute, no sewing just ironing! There are 2 in a package to put on each side. It just takes 3 easy steps: 1.Peel the backing off . 2 Place on the waistband 3. Press. They come in a variety of colors, designs and different lengths to fit toddlers to adults.  For more information, ordering and video tutorial visit my website at www.pulltofit.com.   Youtube pitch video at



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