Puffin - student project

I really enjoyed Liz's class. It was nice to feel like my little critter and surrounding elements didn't need to be super perfect or realistic. I borrowed a lot from Liz's style, using her fox example as a guide. I'm happy with how it turned out but I am not sure about the feather texture of the puffin. I uploaded two versions for some constructive criticism :) For my next little critter, I will have a better understanding of how to sketch for the AI image trace tool. A lot of my elements are a little too "sketchy" and would probably look a bit better if the lines were stronger and simpler. Looking forward to making more, and looking forward to taking more of Liz's classes!Puffin - image 1 - student projectPuffin - image 2 - student projectPuffin - image 3 - student projectPuffin - image 4 - student projectPuffin - image 5 - student project