[Published]Game Animation: The first steps of motion

[Published]Game Animation: The first steps of motion - student project

I am wanting to teach a class based around the 12 core animation principles in bite sized easy to understand terms which will be the kicking off point for anyone who may have even a slight interest in animation for games! It is my passion and I understand how hard getting a job in this industry is so I feel anything I can do help others get off to a strong start I want to do!

Each section will go into detail relating to that one specific principle as well as a brief software overview to get students started on their way to creating their very first animation for games. I will also be providing links to amazing free rigs, resources and reference along the way.

[Published]Game Animation: The first steps of motion - image 1 - student project

My Class outline can be found here: 


Update: Introduction video is now in the draft, Take a look! http://skl.sh/2f5hurm (I apologize for my dreary voice, sadly it is really monotone, I love animation honest!) 

My class is now live, now everyone can hear my dull voice while learning about the basics of animation: 


Rob Munday
Game Animator