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Published- Spline Modeling for 3D Printing in Cinema 4D

Update: 25! My Skillshare class has hit 25 students :D!

Thank you all who attended my class and helped me out, I could never have done it without you :)!


Update: I've added my class link to the front page of my website, so now it's better advertised :D. You can check out my website here.

Update: I made a new picture for my class today :D! Not sure if i'll use it for a cover image, any thoughts are greatly appreciated :D!


Update: Finally have a true 16:9 cover image, so it's much less cropped and I think it shows my class a little bit better :).

I've also added a post to my class, talking about why you should learn spline modeling

Welcome to my class! In this course, I'll show the full process of spline modeling for 3D printing.

Spline Modeling is a very powerful tool, and once you master it, you can make thousands of different objects for 3D printing in a very short amount of time.

I feel that spline modeling is one of the most important skills in 3D that you can learn for 3D printing.

It gives you the ability to create, design, and make changes very quickly, sometimes in half the time it would take to do it using standard modeling tequieces.

Thank you so much for joining us in this course, and I can't wait to get started :D!

I also added a new picture to my class description that shows what can be made in a very short amount of time spline modeling :D!


This is an example of what you can make by using the technique by following this course :D! Note that this cup was also sculpted, so the extra detail would have to be added during sculpting, but the shape is made entirely by Spline modeling :).


Published! My Skillshare course is now finished and published! you can check it out here

Even though its published, I'm still open to any comments or recommendations on changes to it :D!

Thank you all so much for the support in making my class, you all made it so much easier :D!

Update: I've finished my introduction video for my course. Here is the link to the video.

Edited: I edited the cover picture for my course so it better shows what its about :).

Update: At this point I have all my tutorials recorded, edited and uploaded. Now I just need to finish my Introduction video and i'm good to go :D! Here is a class break down that I made, explaining what my class with be covering :).

Class Project

Hello! My name is John Burdock and i'm so excited and honored to be your teacher for this class :D! In this course, I'll be teaching the in's and out's of spline modeling for 3D printing with Cinema 4D. This is a very indepth course, where we'll be covering the entire process of modeling for 3D printing in detail. Here is the topics we will be covering :).

1: Deciding On Scale. Its very important to first decide how big you would like your model.

2: Materials. The material you chose is the governing factor in how big or small your model can be, as well as how thin the walls are allowed to be.

3: Spline modeling. I'll show the full process of modeling your first cup using the sweep object and the B-Spline Tool.

4: Measuring. Using the built in Measuring tool in Cinema 4D, we'll check the wall thickness of our model to make sure it's within the guidelines of our material of choice.

5: Optimising. I'll show two different ways of optimising your model so its compatible with 3D printing.

6: Rotating. I'll explain how and why you need to sometimes rotate your model to fit inside the 3d Printers.

7: Exporting. I'll talk about the best file type to export in for 3D printing, as well as show proper saving techniques for backup.

8: Uploading. The final process, uploading your model :D! I'll show how to upload your now finished model to shapeways and check the mesh for possible incompatibility issues, as well as how to fix them and place your first order :D!

Update: I've finished recording my tutorials, and there is 11 video's in total. I'll start editing them next :D!

Here is the link to my Class Out line :)

After Giving this a lot of thought, i've decided that modeling for 3D printing is just to large of a topic to do in just one course. So i've decided to first make, Spline Modeling for 3D printing with Cinema 4D, and then Do Modeling for 3D printing with Cinema 4D. This way, I can give more time to each type of modeling system :).

In this course, I'll be showing students how to model an object from scratch and then print it out using the Shapeways serves. We'll start with deciding on what material we are going to print with, then decide on what size our model is going to be, then check and see if that size is compatible with the material we have chosen. Once this is done, we will begin modeling our object. For this course, the object we will be making, is a cup. I'll show multiple ways of modeling for 3D printing. Including Spline modeling with a Sweep Object, Modeling from a primitive, and even how to use the Cloth Surface tool to hollow out an object.


The picture of the cup is not the one we will be making exactly, but it will be very similar, and in my opinion, possibly better :).

I'm really excited to be teaching this course, and I can't wait to get started :D!


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