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Published - Quick and Easy Mandala Design - Hand draw your own mandalas using Zentangle® inspired patterns and Doodles

In this class, you will lean how to hand draw your own mandalas using doodles or Zentangle inspired patterns in 3 easy steps. 

Even if you have never drawn before, you will come up with a refined, unique and beautiful result. Moreover, you will gain self-confidence during the drawing process, while being spontaneous and attentive to yourself.

I will also give you a few tips on how to add color to your mandalas and ideas for creating original mandalas on various media.

A selection of patterns which can be used for your mandala is provided in the class materials.

Link to my video lesson outline

I- Introduction video
II- Supplies
III- First step: building the structure of your mandala)
IV- Second step: selecting the doodles and/or Zentangle patterns you would like to use - a document with a selection of patterns will be provided in the class materials)
V- Third Step: hand drawing your mandala with a pen
VI- Additional tips and final thoughts

Link to my intro video

Premium link to the class!


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