Public Domain 101 - Laying the Foundation

Class Title and Description:

Public Domain 101 - Laying the Foundation

In this class, we will explore:

  • what the term Public Domain means
  • what types of content are in the Public Domain
  • how to determine if an item is in the Public Domain
  • examples of products created from Public Domain content
  • where to find Public Domain content that we can use to create products of our own

Project Title and Description:

First things first. If you don't do anything else, PLEASE download the resource documents in the attachments below.

Once you've done that, your class project is to decide what type of Public Domain content you would like to create:

Here are some questions you'll need to answer to help you get started.

  1. What niche(s) will I target?
  2. What time period do I want to focus on?
  3. Where will I source my Public Domain materials from?
  4. What type of product do I want to create?
  5. Do I want to create a derivative product or sell a Public Domain item as is?
  6. Where do I want to sell my product?

Video Lesson Outline:

Lesson Outline => Click Here


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