Public Affair

Public Affair - student project

This script is a romantic comedy and it is set in present in time. Its about a famous screen writer who is facing a humiliating and public breakup with her ex-fiancee. Wanting to hide from the public, the screenwriter's sister/agent takes her on a private island only to cross paths with a big shot journalist who vows to get an exclusive interview with the screenwriter while trying desperately hard not to fall in love with  her. 

Here are my loglines thus far (this is the hardest part!):

A famous screenwriter takes refuge while vacationing on an island after facing a public breakup while avoiding a journalist who is in love with her. 

Big time journalist falls in love with his client-a famous screen writer who is coping with a public and humiliating breakup. 

A journalist falls in love with a famous screenwriter whom he is pressured to write a tell-all story on her messy divorce.

Amanda McKay

My first screenplay..and it won't be my last :)