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Pseudo Paranoiac-critical method

Admittedly I do not have much experience with photo editing other than some simple cropping and tweaking contrast, temperature, etc. so this was a great learning experience for me.

I started with a shot I took in a small theatre of the set before the show started, and then played around with layers. As I moved the layers around, I discovered that the juxtaposition of the mirrored splotches from the stage lights formed a winged figure, and with more adjustments a face appeared as well, wearing a long horned helmet. It brought to mind the phenomenon of pareidolia, the human tendency to see faces in inanimate objects, and Dali's "Paranoiac-critical method" in creating images that reveal more upon inspection than was originally perceived.

EDIT: Here is the original image. I applied a filter in VSCO (M5) and a lens flare in Pixlr. In Photoshop Touch I created a duplicate layer, reversed it and moved it slightly off center on top of the original image. Played around with contrast, temp, sharpness, added a slight ripple effect, and chose the star shaped brush with the dodge effect to slightly extend some of the lines in the "wings" of the central figure. Pulled it back into VSCO and applied the M5 filter again, and cropped a bit to tighten up the image.


I can see how one could easily get a bit carried away with using these effects.


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