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P's project

Hello everyone, hi Anya !

I am extremely excited about this class, as the subject is something I have been wanting to learn more about for years now.

After working in the game industry for a while I have been yearning for more practical and more relatable outlets when it comes to costume and outfit design - less virtual, more real...This class seems perfect in that regard !

It is coming at the perfect time too, as I was just working on making a 1:2 scaleform from scratch recently. Now I am hoping to finish it in the next few days, and immediately put it to good use while following the class.  

Project update 1 - 2013 12 11 : dress form sculpting

Just need to make some edits tomorrow and cast it in dense foam.

Hopefully the next updates will be more directly related to the actual garment iterations that this class is all about :)

Can't wait to see everyone's work !



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