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P's of Patagonia

Patagonia's marketing has been very successful, making them one of the leading brands for outdoor sports wear and equiptment. Throughout their stores and marketing, they are using the 14 P's. 

  1. Positioning: Patagonia uses positioning in order to maximize their sales. They have been able to carve out a specific niche to build their brand. The need for quality outdoor gear and clothing already existed, but Patagonia was able to make it into their own by creating attractive clothing appropriate for all ages and genders. 
  2. Pricing: For the most part, Patagonia's clothing and accessories are on the higher side of the price range. However, people are willing to pay this amount for their brand and quality. Patagonia realized that they could overcharge on these items because people are willing to buy into this brand. 
  3. Placement: By putting their brand in major places and by having all kinds of people featured in their ads, Patagonia is placing their brand into the every day life of normal people. They are showing that you do not need to be a professional athlete in order to buy quality clothing and supplies. Their ads can be found in many places as well- not just magazines or billboards. 
  4. Promotion: People have heard of Patagonia because they have been able to promote the brand through showing people their clothing and equiptment. Their ads show regular people using their items. At this point, Patagonia is such a large brand their promotion is coming hand in hand with placement. 
  5. Permission: Patagonia's marketing invovles more about getting people's attention. Their ads are visually interesting, but they do not have as many permission marketing schemes that I know of. 
  6. Purple: Patagoina has made itself worth talking about by using ads that are shocking such as the one saying do not buy this jacket. They also show the quality of their products by allowing them to be used by professionals. Their stores are also very selective, showing how they have such quality products. 
  7. Publicity: They are hooking people into this brand by again their great ads, but they use publicity to shock people as well. 
  8. PR: In terms of Public Relations, Patagoina has done a wonderful job. They maintain quality as well as create a story with their brand. When I think of Patagonia I think about outdoor clothing that is quality and well established. It is a brand I trust. 
  9. Placebo: The placebo effect impacts Patagonia by making people think their brand is timeless, quality, and works better than any other brand on the market. 
  10. Pavlov: Patagonia utilizes this "P" by creating stores that are clean and have limited product. They keep their stores stocked with few clothing to leave people wanting more. They also emphazise the quality of their brand so much that people are excited when something new comes out. 
  11. Persistance: Patagonia is consistently changing their marketing by using print ads, billboards, and other ad spaces. They show different products in their ads and real people using them. 
  12. Place: Again, this is where the store quality and atmosphere come into play. All Patagoina stores are very similar to one another and all have similar qualities. Their decor, layout, and general feel create an atmosphere that people feel comfortable in and enjoy. 
  13. Personalization: Patagonia has been doing a great job with personalization. Their website is very clean cut and user friendly. They also have a range of products that go from kayaks and tents to yoga and running gear. They have sporting equiptment and also clothing items that all play into their general theme of activewear. 
  14. People like us: Finally, Patagonia uses the idea of people like us to show that they are the best outdoor clothing company. When people think of coats or outerwear, they think Patagonia. This takes time but Patagonia is doing a good job of this. 

The combination of these 14 P's has led Patagonia to great sucess. 


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