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P's of Patagonia


Patagonia sits in a very selective yet effective niche. They almost own the niche, companies such as north face and spyder sit in a similar niche. The big difference is that Patagonia owns the niche. People where Patagonia in all aspects of life while many people associate these other companies with strictly mountainous or extreme environment activities.


Patagonia has the ability to price the products they provide at whatever they please. The ability to do this is created by Patagonia offering a product that is of the highest perceived quality. When a consumer think of "Patagonia" they will associate it with a high quality product that does exactly what is functioned for. This creates an almost monopolistic quality in which no matter how expensive Patagonia makes their product they will have consumers.


Patagonia is a company, which benefits from very good placement. In stores where this brand is sold, the Patagonia clothes are always front and center because of their perceived good will towards the environment. Charitable efforts help Patagonia with placement tremendously because every company wants to endorse another that provides some type of good will to either the community or the earth.


The best type of promotion a company can have is that in which the people have an idea in their heads that the product does "Good". Almost like a hero, companies that provide well-rounded company ideals, help the community or earth and offer lifetime warranties on their products will always be successful. Patagonia is one a few that truly succeed in this endeavor. 


Patagonia earns permission by offering tremendous customer service as well as being an open door for any charitable agencies. 


Patagonia stands out because in the field they work in, they are the ones who offer the best service, a service the consumers want to tell people about. The best type of adverting/ability to stand out is through word of mouth. Something it seems Patagonia has grasped very well.


Patagonia undeniable dominates the publicity game. You won't see a daily commercial or a ton of web ads pop up. The best type of advertising they do is through the posting of people’s pictures wearing Patagonia. What looks more appealing? A TV ad for Patagonia or a photo of a person hiking the Rockies wearing Patagonia?


Patagonia tells a story, that story is the combined stories of everyone who has ever word a Patagonia product. Their stories are documented which directly or indirectly promotes good will of their product to the general public.


Patagonia stresses that their products last the entirety of you life. Even if they do not you assume that the jacket or shirt maintains the same quality over a long period of time.


Association. Patagonia stresses that you won't need to buy multiple products from them because they last a long time. Immediately associating Patagonia with longevity to new consumers.


Patagonia is all about keeping the environment clean and recycling. They have consistently supported organizations that benefit the earth, used products that are recyclable and made people realize they are all about it. Ex: Not fully restoring the NYC shop with new building materials.


Again Patagonia feeds off the idea of re-utilizing materials- the store in NYC helps costumers feel like they are physically emulating their plan. Not just saying they will do it. Doing this helps add face value to their products through the medium of the store. The comsumers feel more comfortable buying from a company that sticks to its core values.


Patagonia does a great job in making their company and products personal. The fact that they allow you to donate used jackets through a program makes the consumer feel like they are inter connected with the company. 

 People like us

When you wear Patagonia or take a picture with it on, you feel connected with the culture that is Patagonia. They are great with social media sharing/photo regblogging. This helps the company's consumers feel like part of the team.



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