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Kyle Coats

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Provo UT by Kyle Coats

My name is Kyle Coats. I currently live in Provo, UT. We are the land of 1 GB internet speeds, Mormons and 10,000 ft mountains on our doorstep.

Photography is a way for me to capture life and livelihood. I enjoy it a lot. 

1. The tallest building in Provo, the New Skin bldg. Seemingly neverending. 

2. College students cruising University Ave during the summer. 

3. Random girl quietly praying. 

4. Nightscape of the city of Provo with a bit of light effect and motion blur. You can see some of the more prominent places in the city from Rock Canyon Park mountain face. 

Instagram: @pocketmetaphors

Would love any and all feedback!






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