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Janet Chang

Author, Marketer, Human Performance Engineer



Proven Frameworks for High Performance

Make big decisions quickly, look better naked, and kill your inner demons!

In this class, you will be actively guided through frameworks for 4 areas of life:
- Decision-making (W.R.A.P.)
- Physical & mental performance (DOSE and TRE)
- Eliminating hidden emotional blocks to productivity (2 questions to ask yourself to uncover hidden blocks, and what to do once you find them)
- Productivity (bottom-up planning, “Manager & Maker”, 15 Minute Rule, and MIT system)

At the end of each class session, you will walk away with things that can be implemented immediately in your own routines.

About the speaker

Janet Chang is a nationally competitive athlete turned human performance engineer. For the last 12 years, she has developed a toolbox of mental frameworks that allowed her to finish an Ironman triathlon at age 18, kill the yo-yo diet monster forever, overcome social anxiety and a fear of public speaking, and earn a dream job through a series of calculated risks. Since then, Janet has coached other ambitious, radical individuals on the same mental tools and techniques for everyday situations and working past performance plateaus in business, fitness, productivity, and relationships.

Class Outline:


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