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Katherine Liu

Product Designer + Illustrator



Prototyping with Paper: Create Effective Wireframes to Share Your Ideas

Hey everyone! My name is Katherine, and I'm a product designer and illustrator. One thing I've seen that is really helpful in design is rapid wireframing and paper prototyping in the research and discovery phase of a project – one reason why so many projects fail to take off is that people get impatient and start building before testing their idea with users! Prototyping with paper is just one of the first steps in the design process, helping you get feedback from users every step of the way. 


Class description:

Have a great idea, and want to test it out with real people? 

A huge challenge in digital design is solving the right problem in the right way – it's a big disappointment to spend hours of time working on an idea, just to find out that people don't know how to use your product, or that a different approach would have been better.

Prototyping with paper and ink is a great method for quickly getting your idea out before your audience, testing with users, and iterating on the ways people will interact with your product. This class will cover everything you need to know to get started on building your great idea, taking you from preliminary research and wireframing, to testing your prototype and getting valuable feedback from potential users. These techniques are used by a large majority of design teams, big and small – so whether you're just spending a weekend to see if your idea will take off, or preparing for a career in design, this class is for you!


More to come soon! Thanks so much for your feedback, very appreciated!


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