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Prototyping in Framer.js

1. Creating an Animation

2. Creating a Transition

I ran into a a few challenges during the Transition portion of the project that I haven't been able to figure out.

(1) artboardA is positioned off the screen on the bottom right. On first click, the layer re-centers and the rest of the transition works fine. I've tried multiple ways of setting the x/y position, but no luck. 

(2) I set the IndicatorDots to the Device Screen superLayer, but cannot get them to display over the other layers

[ sketch.IndicatorDots.superLayer = Framer.Device.Screen ]

(I've added the [.scale = .5] to all of the layers because the imported artboards were displaying at 2x, even though I imported at 1x)


3. Create a To-do App Action

Not Started


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