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Darn! I missed the contest deadline. I was trying to get this one. Oh well, it give me a goal right! So I went through all the classes. With that knowledge you gave us, I went off and created this little skate company catalapp.

The only thing that was off was the Selected menu on the page scroll so I took it out to play around with it later. 

So the first screen is the product catalog feed, in this case, skateboard decks.

As you scroll you get a paralax effect on the topnav and each image to get a view of the entire graphic.

You select one (Spirit Guides Series) by clicking the arrow and it slides offscreen -left.

Detail screen fades in and scales up to give a closer view of the deck series.

You can slide through the image series to get a closer look at each deck and the graphics.

Then you can close with the X button which rewinds the animation to the Main screen.

More to come, I'll fix my little issues and add some more interactions I was curious about.

Thanks for the great classes and for sparking the fire Noah!


Here's the class stuff.

Vids were on point and gave a clear understanding of using Framer. You made it way less scary than I thought it was! Maybe I didn't win the contest, but I won in knowledge right! ; )

Thanks, and looking forward to more challenges!


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