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Protect the Bering Sea Canyons Zine by Candy Medusa

I recently wrote a blog post about protecting the Bering Sea Canyons, so when this project came up, I thought it would be a great subject for my first zine.

I started with a double page spread for pages 2 and 3 to set the scene as to why the Bering Sea Canyons are important:


I'm quite pleased with this. There is, perhaps, a bit too much going on, but there was a lot to get across, and I'm reasonably happy with it even if it is overly busy.

Unfortunately, this took me over an hour. This was a problem not only because the entire project was supposed to take less than hour, but also because I started drawing it only a few hours before the deadline, and it's after 2am here now and I'd quite like to go to sleep at some point (hooray for the time difference, 11pm PST is 7am the next day in the UK)

So I had to cut down the time per page. I think both my ideas and their execution suffered as a result, and I've ended up with mostly text and little illustration. Which, as we learnt from the videos, is fine for a zine, but possibly not great for an illustration project. 

So I'm not particularly happy with the rest of the pages, and wouldn't mind revisting them some time when it's not 2am and making them more illustration less words.

This is pages 4 to 5, why the Bering Sea Canyons need protecting:


pages 6 to 7, what you can do about it:


next I did the back:


and then last of all I did the front. I left the front til the end because I figured I'd be into the swing of it by then and so it would be the best page, having learnt from possible hideous errors on the previous pages. But what actually happened was that I got really tired and wanted to go to bed, but needed to meet the deadline, so it's not as good as it could have been. In particular, I'd like to have time to do something with the typography,rather than it just being my handwriting.


And this is the unfolded zine. I think my favourite thing about this course was discovering how to make a book out of a single piece of paper. That really is rather magic.


Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.

You can see some of my other work here. I'm also on twitter and facebook.

Time for bed.


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