Proportions timed exercise

Proportions timed exercise - student project

Hi, I thought I would try actually posting some of my sketches for this course. I'm not a beginner (been drawing most of my life) but I've never had any formal training and I can feel that these lessons have very greatly improved my drawings of the figure. So thanks for that!

For this exercise I decided to do both poses for each exercise and I also spent a little more time than 5 minutes as I really wanted to do the whole figure but didn't want to rush and mess up the proportions.

Proportions timed exercise - image 1 - student projectI think these went alright but I struggled a bit with the balance in both. I think I kinda achieved balanced poses but this is still an area I need to work on.

Proportions timed exercise - image 2 - student projectNot much to note here other than the fact that I *really* struggled with the legs on the left one haha

Proportions timed exercise - image 3 - student projectThese sort of curled up poses like the one of the right is definitely a lot harder. I think I may have made both the torso and the legs a bit too short on the right one?

Anyway, thanks for these lessons!