Sydney Thibault

"Practice makes permanent."



Proportions, Proportions, Proportions!

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have come across SkillShare, and Gabrielle DeCesaris' class! I have loved art since I can remember, and spent many a days drawing away to pass the time. BUT - this year I am striving to improve myself in so many ways, and improving my art is by far one of the most exiting challenges I'm facing. Go ahead, ask me if I've ever drawn someone who looks like a monster from a dark mysterious lagoon. Yes. Yes I have. Did I intend to draw a monster from a dark mysterious lagoon? No, it was supposed to be a self portrait. Why... how... P r o p o r t i o n s . While my lack of understanding proportions has plagued me and my unfortunate pieces of art, I no longer fear the exploration of my talent in drawing portraits. I am so ready to tackle this lesson and show you my own diagram! Sure, some of you may think "Ew, this girl just drew the exact same diagram that Gabrielle drew." << BINGO! If my diagram resembles Gabrielle's in the slightest, I've improved. Good luck to everyone else taking this class! I'm on the third video and I'm madly in love with tips, tricks and rules that my brain sponge is soaking up. Keep drawing, my friends! 

Here is my attempt at diagram note taking! Thank you for this class, Gabrielle! I am so looking forward to the upcoming material. 


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