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Propoganda? - 3 Starting Ideas

Update 1 - 8/6/2013

I'm going to do this project as series updates, keeping what I said/did before, so I can better catelogue the changes and progress.  Hopefully I won't run into a word limit, I've been known to be verbose...  If it becomes unweildy here for people to follow, I'll move previous updates to my website and just keep the most recent iteration on Skillshare.

I made it through the Introductory Video, the Game Mechanics Video and the first two Brainstorming Videos, and was able to watch the John Cleese video as well (which was very interesting/entertaining).  That sounds like a lot to get done since Monday, but I had a chunk of free time last night which I was able to dedicate to the class.

I'm really in the pre-planning stages so these are some nebulous ideas that I'm working on now, let's look at some ideas:


As a kid growing up, I always loved classic card games.  Rummy, Hearts, Crazy Eights, Egyption Rat Screw, and later 500.  Something about a simple deck of cards, good friends (or enemies who you wanted to beat in the worst way) resonates really well with me, more so than board games.  Because of that, I find that any time I think about design, my mind tends toward traditional cards featuring some combination of colors and numbers.

I've been really interested in the idea of a micro card games recently, like Love Letter, so I think my project will lean toward that.  Something with few cards that people can have in their bag and bring anywhere for a quick game.

Three Ideas for Mechanics/Theme (in progress, with a 100 more floating around in my head):

  1. Trick Taking - I've always thought using traditional trick taking, adding more special cards (the Queen of Spades in Hearts, or the 4 unique cards in Tichu) and allowing them to bend the rules, would be interesting.  Or, what if it was trick taking combined with deck building and/or tableua building (where select cards from tricks are added to the players deck or tableua, giving benefits, and new cards are added to the pool to replace the removed cards each round). I would like the basis of my game to have some variation on traditional trick taking.
  2. Asymmetric play - I love the idea of someone (or multiple people) playing with different rules or having different goals than the other players.  In a traditional card game, you have a dealer.  What if the dealer has a different goal/different rules than the players?  I would like to try asymmetic game play where the dealer has a separate deck of cards from the other players which are unique.  Each player would play a round as the "dealer" once during a full "game".  Both players and dealers score points each round but for different reasons.  Total points after each player has played as the dealer once would determine the winner.
  3. Theme - My initial thought for the above mechanics is something steeped in current culture.  Information gathering and data protection/privacy.  What if the dealer was the government (or another corporate entity) and they were trying to obtain information from the players (tricks).  Conversely, the players are trying to find out what the corporation is hiding (taking the dealers cards).  In addition, the corporation would have misinformation or cards that he would actual want the players to take and would score points for tricking the players into taking those cards.  This doesn't have to be modern, I think a Soviet proganda theme or something along those lines could work as well (the project photo as an example).

The outline above might change drastically once I get down to designing a prototype, but this is a start.  We'll see if I have any changes based on the Brainstorming vidoes that I have yet to watch.  Thanks for reading!


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