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Property Stamp

The purpose of this stamp is to help whoever may have found my lost item. So I'm going to start there with the basics and get creative later.                                     


I thought this was a good first attempt. I'm very forgetful with my sketchbook. The few times I have lost it close friends knew it was mine and returned it to me. If I lost it and some random person found my sketchbook they wouldnt know how to return it. Thankfully I have my trusty property stamp to help them. For this part of the process I used a Xylene phototransfer method. In order to do this one must own a laser printer.

Step 1. one must horizontally reverse the design in illustrator.

Step 2. Print said design and tape the page toner side down to the object being tranfered to.

Step 3. Dab a some Xylene on to a paper towel and gently work it into the back of the paper.

Step 4. Burnish the design with a metal spoon.

Step 5. Carefully peel back the tape and paper. Viola.


Now expiramenting with color and a new design.






Here it is as a patch on military duffel bag material


Jet design



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