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Proper Russian Language School

In 2010, I have immigrated to Canada under the Skilled Workers program. Skilled means that Canada granted me a visa because I was well-educated and had many years of experience in journalism under my belt. Pretty soon I found myself in a desperate situation: I couldn't find a job, my resumers remained unanswered, and the pile of money my husband and I brought with us was shrinking rapidly. I asked myself: what else could I do to earn some money instead of trying to sell myself to the office slavary? This is how the idea of Proper Russian was born. 

I'm a linguist, and I love languages. All I need is to let the world know about myself. I have registered on one of the online language learning portals and offered my one-on-one sessions. I started with very low rates, so I could get some experience in teaching online. 

After three and a half years of giving online lessons and running a blog I realized that one-on-one sessions took too much of my personal time and bring too few revenue. So, my next step in developing this project is offering automated online courses and books and continue communicating with my audience through my blog. Luckily, my husband is a highly-skilled web developer, so I can be 100% sure that the IT-related part of my project will be done well.

As of mid. February, I'm writing two books and designing one course for my future Proper Russian Online School. I definitely can not deligate this job to someone else, because I'm using my unique talent - a talent to explain the complicated Russian grammar in simple words. I will hire an editor to profread my courses and books and I will also to higher my husband to develop and maintain a website for this project (he agrees). 


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