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Propaganda Doughnuts



Our city is advancing significantly in two major ways: we're finally developing a nightlife and urban culture that draws people downtown, and we're finally developing a locally supported and community-focused food scene. Both of these aspects open the door for new ways to continue to draw people of all ages and focus groups downtown and eating better. 

Propaganda Doughnuts will be the first locally sourced doughnut shop in this area, and the only from-scratch doughnut shop on this side of the entire state. We'll draw in the kids and trend-setters with our Pulp-Fiction-based design and very new-to-this-area style, and we'll draw in all the foodies and culinary groupies with our incredible product, not to mention ride the wave of the national trend of pop doughnut shops that is recognized but unrepresented in this city.

And who doesn't like doughnuts?


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