Prompts for Productivity Masterclass


  1. Which do I struggle with most of all? The pilot, plane, or engineer? In what specific ways?

As an avid productivity app user and daily planner/journalist, I struggle the least with the pilot and engineering aspects of productivity. Where I am lacking, however, is the careful and meticulous execution of those plans. Whether simply forgetting or just not having enough will power and motivation, the useful output (plane) is the most difficult part of the equation for me.

  1. What am I avoiding in the phrase “I don’t have time?”

I tend to avoid exercise, taking a job offer, registering for an additional college course, doing laundry, and frankly, doing homework occasionally.

  1. What’s a goal I want to achieve? How can I make the process more pleasurable? Can I increase the odds of hitting the goal by putting money on the line? How can I make the outcomes more tangible/desirable?

I would love to write a nonfiction book. I can make the process more pleasurable by listening to music, eating snacks while writing, and writing about topics that I genuinely enjoy. I can make the outcomes more desirable by shortening the feedback loop. One example of this can be to write one page of the book per day.

  1. What’s one or more situation where I was in the flow state? What circumstances and mindset led me into that? Can I manufacture those conditions for other stuff I need to do?

I am in the flow state writing this. I have focused on having a productive day. Additionally, I work up early and have been feeling well regarding my productivity. I have planned my day very effectively and have little open on my desk. By minimizing distraction, I can continue onward in the flow state. I can most certainly manufacture these conditions again. By simply putting my phone, wallet, keys, unnecessary clutter on my desk in my backpack, I can allow myself to focus on one task at a time.

  1. Make a list of 3-4 long term tasks you want to do. What would you do if you only had half as long to do them? What about if you had to do them in the next 24 hours?
  • Write a book
  • Learn French fluently
  • Become an engineer at SpaceX

If I only had half of my life to dedicate to these 3 goals, I would get more involved in my college’s aerospace program, start writing everyday while putting money on it with the help of my girlfriend, and sign up for another skill share course in French, completing as many courses as possible. If I only had 24 hours, I would go to the library, obtain an aerospace book, and read it until I had a general understanding of engineering for the space industry. I would crank out as many words as possible and just brain dump the entirety of my knowledge on the book subject onto paper. After this, I would watch more French courses and attempt to learn as many words as possible in those 24 hours; however, I would only focus on the important words used most often (i.e. the words in conversational use)

  1. What 20 percent of my work is driving 80 percent of my useful output? And What’s taking up 80 percent of my time but not really contributing to my outcomes?

The 20 percent of my work that is driving 80 percent of my useful output is the substantial amount of planning I do. In addition, reaching the flow state and doing work like this and writing notes contribute to an abundance of my outcome. Activities that take up an abundance of my time but do not actually contribute much are watching YouTube videos, commuting, and stressing.

  1. What 3 things would boost my productivity if I made them a habit? How can I make sure those habits stick?

One habit that, if implemented, would surely boost my productivity is memorizing how to type numbers on a keyboard. Although I can quickly type words, I must pull out the 2-index finger method when reaching the numbers at the top of the keyboard. In addition to this, writing one page in my book and reading every night would also supplement each other and allow me to become a more intelligent, industrious version of myself. I can make sure that these habits stick by putting money on them maybe to my roommate or my girlfriend. In addition, I can set aside a block of time to complete these tasks.

  1. What are some chunks of the day that I find myself wasting time? What useful things could I be doing during that time instead?

I find myself wasting an abundance of time late at night. Occasionally, I will go onto my phone, call people, and talk for endless hours, and watch YouTube or social media stories for hours. Therefore, some things I could do to cut down on this are replacing the habit with reading a book and turning my phone on do not disturb right up until the point that I go to bed.

  1. My favorite question: What items on my task list can I procrastinate my way to progress on? How so?

One to-do that can procrastinate my way towards achieving is maintaining a podcast. I enjoy watching and listening to podcasts in my downtime, so doing this while procrastinating for something else would allow me to start with a baseline set of knowledge on how to initiate and grow an effective and useful podcast.

  1. What do I have to do in the days that I am currently not enjoying? How can I make this more fun?

I am currently taking a chemistry class that is superbly boring and is not piquing my interest whatsoever. To counteract this, I could turn it into a game. I could make a giant periodic table on my wall. I could make it colorful. I could learn how elements are used in maybe the field that I am interested in: the aerospace industry.