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Promofly - Faster, Easier Promo Codes - student project

Promo Codes - A Love/Hate Relationship:

Before creating Promofly, I had a love/hate relationship with promo codes.

When a promo code worked, it was magic. Somehow, a simple string of numbers and letters saved me big bucks. 

But most of the time, my attempts ended in heartbreak. The temporary elation of seeing a zillion Google search results (and RetailMeNot's ambitious promise of "50+ codes") soon met this harsh reality: the sites were bluffing. They were stringing me along, wasting my time and stuffing my browser with their affiliate codes. 

So I set out to create Promofly - a simple, fast way to get awesome promo codes.

What exactly is Promofly?

Promofly is a bookmarklet.  Whenever you buy things online, clicking this bookmarklet retrieves the most up-to-date promo codes for that site (or similar sites).

If that didn't make sense, just watch this video.

Better yet, just try it out for yourself. It takes about 30 seconds to register and get set up. Just be sure to use this really special invitation link!

Why Promofly is awesome.

Promofly is still in beta, but we've been trying hard to make something that doesn't suck.

  • Honestly Good Codes. Unlike the other sites, we try to keep our data very clean and not string you along with bad codes. In fact, most expired codes are removed within minutes after they become invalid. Like magic.
  • Contextually Aware Results. Click Promofly while you're browsing and it brings back promo code just for that store. Click Promofly during checkout, and it will auto-insert the codes into the correct form. Click it on a site we don't recognize, and it will ask if you want to add that site to Promofly.
  • A cleaner, faster experience. Because promofly lives on your bookmark bar, you are always one click away from discovering promos. No more jumping between windows looking for codes.
  • And more good stuff to come... Shh! It's top secret!

User Acquisition Experiments to Date

We've been really focused on improving the core of the product so we can get out of beta and into full launch, but we've dipped our toes in a little to get users for testing beta.

Well, that's about it. I'm incredibly excited to learn some new techniques in this course to help more people discover awesome promos with Promofly!

Nathan Johnson
Co-founder of Promofly

Nathan Johnson

Co-founder @