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Promo video For A Taste of Theater

A man is on stage with a woman.  They are happy.  They raise their hands and take a bow.  (Voice over states)  What if No One came? Often times we just prepare for the show and not the audience. (The actors look around to an empty theater)   A Taste of Theater puts you in front of your target audience to get valuable marketing data and needed feedback.(We will show the actors in front of a full Audience showcasing one part of the play)  Learn from Industry professionals how to be successful. (Picture of Shelly Garrett's Beauty Shop)  Network with playwrights around the country. (This part will show people with a shape of their State on their state in a thought Bubble I'm Liz from South Carolina, I'm William from Minnesota)   A Taste of Theater the place to do live trailers of  your play.  With a diverse audience you can expect their votes on each play to be honest and fair.  The playwright can utilze this information to make their production and writing incredible.    A Taste of Theater Where Everyone is A Star Be there Oct. 10-11, 2014 Carver Military Academy 13000 Doty Road, Chicago, IL 60648 312-488-9311 A Taste Of


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