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Art Director



Promo Postcards: Learn Design and Production Techniques

Promo Postcards: Learn Design and Production Techniques

Class Description

Postcards are one of the most affordable forms of promotion. They are great tools for promoting events, making announcements, offering discounts, advertising products and services, showcasing fine art and more. In this workshop, we will walk through the steps required to create a high-quality postcard. We'll cover content strategy and resources, design principles, technical requirements and production of files for printing.

Who should take this class?

1. Anyone who wants to learn how to create a postcard and get it professionally printed. 

2. Anyone planning to work with a designer to create their postcard.

Suggested items for class (not required):

1. Your idea for a postcard, either on paper or your computer.

2. A laptop with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign software. 

What you'll leave with:

1. The knowledge and resources needed to create your own professional-level postcard, or to work with a designer to realize your vision.

2. For those who bring a laptop and Adobe software, you'll also leave with print-ready templates.


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