Promises Are Made To Be Broken...

...Except promises made to a child.

The title is meant to be profound and unexpected to hit the viewer right in the face. It will encourage them to read on to understand what the campaign is about.

(all the below is a work in progress)

1. A State of Chance - On the 27th March there will be a dance music event in Guatemala that is tuned into by over 20 million people all over the world on the radio. Ask the people who tune into the event to donate $USD 5 each.

2. Flying Without Wings - A series of stories that start together and show the beginning of successes for each adult individual, only to find an unexpected ending for each of them - you choose their adventure.

3. Guatemalan Million - Chance to be a part of history by sponsoring $1 for one tile, one child, one country's future.

4. Claim a Cocoa - Limited edition & chance to own and distribute your own cocoa beans 

5. Non-Discovery - Find a list of things that people love to do these days, that makes them happy and whoever invented it. What if they didn't have education? These people didn't exist 

6. When We Were Young - Remove some basic skills that we learnt as kids and place these people in today's environment and show how they would act today. These people are most likely discriminated against. The purpose is to bring to light how important school is and to give to these kids.


All types of donations/giving will be recorded and a badge/rank/recognition be given to the donater. The reason for this is because it fulfils one of the 6 human needs, that being contribution. Each one also has an element of 'significance' or element of power, in that the donater is part of an exclusive group (1 out of 1 million tiles, limited edition set of cocoa beans, choosing the path of others etc.)

Buying cycle:

1. Awareness
2. Research/Consideration (& re-engagement) - 12 weeks MAX
3. Preference/Intent - 1 week MAX
4. Purchase

Total time between awareness & purchase is about 13/14 weeks (3.5months), meaning that we need to make the campaign aware to 33.33million people within the first 2.5months to give them enough lead time to be educated and to make a donation.

This will be a non-advertising idea that helps solve a problem (generating funds to build schools)

PoP have a strong reason as to why they exist so there is no need to develop another brand story for them. Now it's a matter of connecting with people emotionally who have the same values and can afford to donate.

Target Market
- students at tertiary education institutions in first world countries, between 18-34. Reason why is because they are studying and can see the value and power of studying and why education is important.
- teachers and lecturers at tertiary education institutions. Reason why is similar to the above and they can advocate for education since they teach it too.
- Justin beiber fans 18+ because he supports PoP so it will be a great way to connect to more people. This is gives the cause more legitimacy as it is backed by a celebrity figure.
- fans of other similar organisations. This is because we already know they support these types of initiatives so it will be easier to get them over the line

Concepts to mesh together:

- bring back nostalgia of them at school
- what do they love doing now
- building paper schools
- school sports
- what they would be doing now without education
- singing, musical instruments
- what can $1 buy
- pay it forward
- your best friend at school
- what efficiencies can be solved
- what can $1 buy
- pay it forward
- pay it forward

Channels To Use

- facebook
- remarketing/display
- a video platform
- dedicated landing page/website
- email

Content Medium To Use

- video
-- video will be repurposed also for display banners & images
-- written copy



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